Monday, September 16, 2013

Email 9/16/2013

We have been doing good! I am really getting good at where everything is in the area and who lives where! :D

We visited a less active member the other day when her family was over and they were all smoking and started asking us a ton of nit picky questions (they were raised in the church but all fell away). They started saying that Jesus was a Demi God and that there are more just like him on the earth today and some other questions about the priesthood.....My mind went blank!....

Sister Bingham to the rescue!!! She pulled out the Bible Dictionary on priesthood! My mind finally started working and at the end I just laid it down! "Hey you need to not be so nit picky and just pray about it! (they were the kind of people you could be blunt with). I know this is true because I prayed to know the gospel was true and I got this feeling like YES! How could it not be! So you should pray to know the answers to your question too!"

Oh, and we asked them, "Well have you read the Book of Mormon?"…them, "Not in a long time".. us, "Well...?" ;)

As we were saying goodbye, I shook one of the their hands and he said, "Keep the spirit with you!" Then I looked him straight in the eyes and said, "You too." He said, "I'm trying" :)

I ended up crying after we left... again... poor Sister Bingham, she deals with me so well. I think it was like a shock that came over me when thinking about the look in their eye's like a little child trapped inside crying for help but the "things" of the world make them doubt and it made me so mad at Satan. "He is one awful guy!"

I love the Gospel! It truly sets people free!

Sister Patterson

 Our seats in the car so funny how different we are! ^^ 

 A pic of me in the car and some trees changing color!

I had a cute outfit today! ;) 

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