Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Email 10/9/13

Big news!!! I'm getting transferred!!!!! I'm going to Weston it's near Boston! I have all my stuff packed and I leave tomorrow!!! I'm happy and sad at the same time I will miss the people here so much but I know that the Lord has more things in store for me. :) 

Sorry I wasn't able to write you last Monday. Our P-Day with the Elders went long and we had an early appt. I feel so bad but my comp. thought it was sweet that you called the mission office to see if everything was ok. <3 

We spent today with the Elders up at Quabbin lake, so cool.  In the picture of me, we are in the tower and apparently you can see Connecticut from it! Cool! :D


We had a fun time. Afterward we came down and hung out looking at the view and threw a football around. Then we went to eat and as we were saying goodbye the Elders realized that this was the last time that I would be with them and they gave me an extra hand shake for luck. ;)
It was so sad. I will miss them all to much :(  but I am excited to go to my new area too. :)


My room looks dirtier then is actually is...haha! ^^ 

We got a 9 year old as a new investigator the other day and when we told him a little about baptism he asked with wide eyes, "Am going to need scuba gear???" haha! We told him no and that we would show him a video so he could see what one would be like. he was so cute^^


Here's me with Irene and the Thompson's :) 

Love you and it won't be long until we get to talk again! Monday is just around the corner. ;)

Sarah :)  Sister Patterson

Oh, I got Granny's letters and I loved them they ment to much to me and I Love you Grandma!!!

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