Monday, January 12, 2015

Last Email 1/12/15

Us with Alicia after she was Baptized when we went to their house that night. 
She thought the jump suite was silly looking and didn't want to take a picture in it. haha! 

This is the Last Ever Email from me as a Missionary!!!! D:

AHHHHHH! This is so crazy and unreal! It was always some other missionary that was getting ready to go home! and now it is me!

We had the best week! We had Tiffany, one of the YW in the ward that lives far away, come on a Mini Mission for the weekend and it was a really fun experience! I hope that it was a good and inspiring time for her!

Sasha had her 17th Birthday on Friday and now she is one year closer to being a chaperone for the Missionaries!!! haha! ^^ We got her a new little purse to replace the one that she has used forever (it was a hammy down) and I made her a Hat! She really liked them! I am going to miss that girl like crazy! She is a kindred spirit to me! :) and we have made so many memories with her and her Mom Theresa! We have taught together, been fed wonderful food, and laughed until our stomachs hurt! haha! I love them so much!

We had such a crazy, wonderful, extremely stressful, and spiritual day on Sunday! haha!

Sister Ng and I gave talks in sacrament meeting first off! A lot of people (but not all sadly) that I had invited to come see me on my last Sunday came!!! Our attendence was 116!!! That's super awesome! And 8 nonmembers came! I felt the spirit so strong as I was sitting up on the stand and it started to hit me that I was not going to be apart of this ward any more.... I cried, then got up, and did my best to give the talk that I wanted to share. Never, of course, getting across the full power I got while studying for it but I feel like I did what I could with the time I had. Then we had the fullest Gospel Principals class ever! The Young's said at the end, "Now let's have a class this full every week!" to all of them. :)

Then we went to Relief Society. We had offered to help Sister Stratton Meier with half of her lesson on Sat. night. You can imagine the stress we had when we got home with all the things to prepare but we wanted to help her! She does so much and she got told that night that she would be teaching so of course we could tell that she was stressed. After our part was done she then took over. I ran to the restroom and then suddenly Sarah Wilson and Sister Ng come in looking for me saying, "Get back in there! They are getting ready to say nice things about you!" Surprised, I go back in and they started telling stories about me and basically doing Appreciations about me! I was a little embarrassed but I feel like it was a tender Mercy of the Lord telling me that I had an impact here. I heard things from people that I didn't realize I had done that much for. My heart was full and I'm sure I had I dumb look on my face as you know people have when they are being complimented...haha! But I will forever remember their kind words and think of them quite too often from now on, as Anne of Green Gables would say! haha! ^^

Then!!! we had Alicia's Baptism and linger longer after that! (A day full of church!) I started running around like a crazy person and at the same time realizing how many things I forgot but it all was blessed by the Lord and ran smoothly! The Lord knows I haven't done this in a while!  A few weeks ago someone asked me where the baptism cloths were and I had no sad! haha! I know where they are now!!! but that doesn't mean my Mission wasn't successful! The Lord needs us to do certain things and there not always the flashy part of things! ;)

We had 6 nonmembers stay for the Baptism and two of them want to be Baptized and one just told their member friend that they want to take the discussions!!!! I feel that the lesson here is that there are people that are more ready then you think but we are scared to be Bold! but not today! Sister Ng and the Sister taking my spot here, Sister Fernando, will have a ton of amazing things to come here in the Amherst Area! :) I might be calling them to help out a little if they need some information about some things but I know that I have done what the Lord has needed me to do here. :)
and boy thank goodness for Facebook and technology! :)

I love you all sooooooooooo much and I can't wait to see you on Friday!!!!! so stinkin crazy! haha!

Love you a Million blessings that have come through being a Missionary! :)

and for the last time....


Sister Patterson!!!!

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  1. My name is Mark McKenna, I am the Stake Executive Secretary from the Cody, Wyoming Stake. We received Sarah's certificate of release from her Mission President Packard. We're not sure why we received it, we are assuming it was a simple mistake. Please send me an address I can send the certificate to, even to her home Bishop or Stake President would be fine. My email is