Monday, July 28, 2014

Email 7/28/14

 Me in front of the road sign was for the my Seminary Teachers the Glaziers. 

Oh, my, Goodness! We just got 2 new investigators last night.

We went to talk to a inactive ladies Son and he is into Heavy Metal, smokes and makes creepy masks out of wire!...then he said that he wanted us to meet his girlfriend as well! She is Jewish but not involved with her Orthodox family and has some health problems.

We had a member that had briefly met the son and she looked at us like..."I doubt he would be interested to listening to you" But! quite the contrary! They are soooo prepared!!! The spirit was there and the girlfriend stopped us at one point and said, "Sorry to interrupt but I have a question... Do you feel like you are happy? Do you feel like you have peace?" We both looked her in the eyes and with big smiles said simply, "Yes!" She started to tear up and was just fascinated about everything we were sharing! He had a bit more background and knowledge of Christ and really liked what we had to share. We knelt at the end and the Guy prayed. It was amazing!!!!

Never judge a book by it's cover. :)

I love the way the Lord works!

We have our last exchange tomorrow with the Greenfield Sisters! I am going to Greenfield! :D

I cant believe how fast time has flown! I have been out for almost 13 months!!!

Hopefully, I will be able to have a little more time to write a few more things later but if not I love you a Million crazy masks on the wall-staring at you while teaching the First Vision! ;) haha!


Sister Patterson

By the way the pictures are from our 2 hour trip to Road Island to see a baptism of a family that Sister Wheeler taught.

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