Monday, July 21, 2014

Email 7/21/14

Well you can at least see what I did today from some of the Pictures of our Zone P-Day! haha! I wanted to do the rope pull thing but they all thought it was to grose and took it down before I got to do sad! :(

Oh well, :) It was fun and now we are about to go meet a potential investigator at the Church.

Things are going well here. :) We got to teach Relief Society on Sunday on the Spirit and funny part about it was that we both totally forgot that we were doing it until the night before! ...AHHHHHHHHHH
We read it the night before then through it all together a few minutes before we were going to teach it!!! Boy does being a Missionary train you to think on your toes and be able to teach a lesson in a matter of minutes!! haha!   We said a mighty graditude prayer after that one because the spirit was so strong and everyone was commenting so well! Oh and you all know how I don't have a problem talking...haha! ^^

Transfers are coming up on the 30th but we both feel like we will stay together for at least another Transfer. But not even the angels know! haha!

AHHH! The library is closing in 10 minutes!!!

Love you all a million bugs flying in my ears!!!!

Sister Patterson!

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