Monday, July 14, 2014

Email 7/14/14

Sister Wheeler needed to finish a little scrapbook page that her and her friend send back and forth so I had some time to do something artsy!!! Wow! It was so nice to just draw again!!! haha! I drew this one of Sister Wheeler.

I am going on my 2nd ever exchange with some sisters in our Zone over in Oxford and I am so excited!!! I am starting to figure out how to be a Sister Training Leader. You do a lot of what you do for your Investigators but for the Sisters! I have started to build such a better connection and love for them. :) This is the best!!!

I might even be able to see my first area again North Brookfield!!! We will be exchanging with them next week. :)

I have felt an out pouring of love lately.

I have been really frustrated with how slowly my brain has been working and praying really hard that the Lord will help me and enhance my ability at least for the rest of my mission so that I can do the work more effectively.

Then suddenly I have been feeling the spirit more noticeably then ever!

Sister Wheeler gave a talk on the Atonement this passed Sunday and then as we were driving home and listening to the Messiah CD when I just felt so overwhelmed with the Spirit! Even the Sky was crying the spirit was so strong. ;') I am just so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ that has Power over any Sin that we feel might be too much. Well... let me tell you the Lords grace is ALWAYS sufficient!

Life is hard,Yes! but that's the point!!! How else would we need to turn to the Savior?

If we did not know bad how would we know when we are happy?

If all living the Gospel could do is increase the quality of life, then why not?

Oh man, sorry for the rant but it is just the truth that everyone needs!!! They just need to stop thinking so stubbornly! and just let the Lord's restored truths in their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Few! got that off my chest.

But really though, I can feel the prayers so much and am so grateful for all that you do and my prayers are with you all! I know that everything will work out the way the Lord needs it to.

I am feeling the excitement in our work! We are finding people left and right!

We even found a inactive that we didn't know about as we were walking to the library! He looked a little intimidating with tattoos and a cigarette but as we talked to him he was really nice and he mentioned that he grew up in the church! His parents went inactive when he was 9 years old! We invited him to come back to church and meet with us, his response was simply, "Yeah! why not!" YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! I love people who have been so prepared!!!! We are meeting him tomorrow!

This happened right before we went to get our car back and if we would have had our car this passed 2 and 1/2 weeks so many things would have been missed!
When we talked to the car guy he was so sorry for taking so long. Every part that they ordered was just too small or just too big! He apologized because it shouldn't have taken that long. but we thanked him because we had been having so many miracles happen to us and things that would not have happened if we had had our car. We think he was in shock and confusion... ok... haha! That's probably the first time that someone thanked him for taking to long with a car. haha! I love doing things that are out of the ordinary. For instance, "Being nice when most people wouldn't be".  :)

My mind has been on the law of Consecration lately and I have never desired to live it more then now in my life! That is all I want and am going to strive to have a family that has an eye single to the Glory of God at all times and in all things and in all places! Life is better when turned over to the Lord and I will accept nothing less!

I love you all a Million Spiritual experiences!!!


Sister Patterson

P.S. That is sooo cool to hear about Bob and Debbie going on a Mission to Nauvoo! Tell them I say Congratulations!!!

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