Monday, January 27, 2014

Email 1/27/14

We had an amazing interviews and a Q&A with President Packard. It was truly inspiring and exactly what I needed. :)  I wanted to share with you an experience that I had that night after we got home and the next morning. 
As Sister Roy and I finished our daily planning with a prayer, we once again knelt in the same worn out places across from each other with the the look of...we're going to turn a new leaf. I paused and said, "You know what? Interviews really gives you a new love and appreciation for your companion doesn't it?" She looked at me an shook her head in agreement. :)

I started to look over the training that Elder Fish asked me to do for District meeting the next day and it was on- Weekly Planning, Daily Planning and Accountability.... How was I going to do a training on something that we all have heard about so many times- it's leaking out our ears. Ok.... then I took a moment to ponder the things my mission president had shared with us about the way to pray.  I started praying specifically for each of the members by name and words can't describe but I felt. A flood of ideas came to my mind faster then I could write down! :D I was so filled with excitement. I looked at the clock with only a minute left to get ready for bed!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Time fly's when your having fun. ;)
The spirit was so strong at the meeting and I don't think it was exactly what everyone was expecting but I feel like I gave a fresh view. Which I feel everyone plus myself needed. It was the best feeling! I love teaching and getting people excited :)

I am still working to make all my prayers as good as that one. :)

                                              Me in front of Luisa May Alcott's home!

The door we went through to start the tour that led to the kitchen.... no cameras past this point! ><

They don't allow pictures of the inside but 
I bought the post cards with some pictures that I will send home :)

Gift shop

Some cool button necklaces that I want to try making when I get home :) 
(Erin) don't show this to the other Aaron from your band or he might pass out! haha! 
Yeah, I remember the random stuff ;P

Afterwards we went to a museum 

Where we found this...haha! ^^

One of the Lamps that Paul Revere saw! 

Then this way cool picture that was drawn with super awesomeness... 3D looking ;)  

Me with this super pretty amazing craftsman made mini jewelry box!
 Try saying that 10 times over really fast! haha! ;P

OH NO I TOUCHED IT! haha! ^^

Me by the Museum sign :)

and that's all she wrote :)

Love you all a million cool artifacts! 
Sister Patterson
Sarah <3

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