Monday, August 18, 2014

Email 8/18/14

I miss you all so much! We have been working on following up with members a lot better lately and we are finding a ton of opportunities popping up through the members! We are excited!

We have been teaching a new Investigator and he has come to church 2 times already! He is really liking everything and we even talked to his roommate! He is working on becoming a minister and has met the Missionaries before and is willing to meet with us and talk some more! His wife was really nice too! :)

By the way I realized that I didn't say anything about all of your amazing missionary experiences!!!! you all give me motivation and new excitement for the work every time I get to hear your stories! Thank you!!!

I have been worried about the post Missionary time when I will not know what to do with myself but I feel like it will be easy to be a missionary still because we will all have the same goal!

I got a letter from Sister Wilson from your ward that you talked about! She was so sweet and told me how much she loved and appreciated you all so much and loved your enthusiasm for the work! She also said, "Your Mom is so sweet and cry's almost every time she talks about you" I LOVE YOU MOM!!!

It was such a nice surprise :) and now to hear that she is going to Santa Barbara makes me so happy! She deserves to go there. :)

Here are the last few Transfer dates of my Mission!

Sep. 10th
Oct. 22nd
Dec. 3rd
Jan. 14th

I have been hearing this a lot lately but we met this guy that I actually had an opportunity to respond to and this is how it went. A guy that we met on the street said this after we asked him if he was religious, "I decided to not be religious because all the wars were about religion".  Then I had the opportunity to finally say something about it when it came up again with a guy we met on the street. We asked him if he was religious and he said, "I used to be Muslim but not any more. Too much war is over religion". Me, Do you believe that there is a God?" Him, "Yes I believe in a form of God and I pray, not formally but I pray wherever I am." Me, "Do you think God wants us to have war in his name?" Him, "He shook his head" Me, "War is of man! not of God!" The guy looked at me like..."I guess you have a point". So we gave him a Book of Mormon and got his number. We could tell that he was one of those people that would need time but also that he was one of those who had denied falsehood and now we have given him and opportunity to find the fullness of truth. :)

Being a Sister Training leader is so fun! I was on an exchange with Sister Bower and she came to our area with me. The weather was so crazy that day and we were getting flood warnings on our phone! plus we couldn't find the umbrellas so we were pretty soaked at the end of the day! haha! Oh, man! it was so much fun! :D

Here is a picture (Dropbox) of the Zone right after our Training at Zone meeting! We had a really fun time planning skits with the zone leaders and sadly the one part I was in didn't get recorded :( So sad! Oh, well! Thank goodness we can watch our lives back after we die and see all the fun things that didn't get recorded :) haha!

Oh! Sister Bower also showed me D&C 130!!! I am so excited for what life will be like after this! She read this to me and I was enthralled! I know I have read this chapter before but I don't think I was listening the way I did then! Man the Gospel is AWESOME!!! :D

Love you a million crazy people that really need the gospel! ;)


Sister Patterson :)

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