Monday, August 11, 2014

Email 8/11/12

Well, another crazy week! We didn't have as many appt.'s as we would like but that's what happens when we have MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) all day to get what President Packard wants us to teach our Zones at Zone Meeting, preparing Zone Meeting with the Zone Leaders,Weekly Planning, having interviews with President Packard with a training from the Assistants and to top it off a Funeral...

I didn't write you about the loss because it was still a shock but the Funeral was for a Mom and her Daughter that were in our stake that got in a car crash on there way home from girls camp. It was a real shock to Sasha (we bring her out with us all the time, she is 16) she was close with the daughter so we were with her whenever we could be. She is doing ok and handling it a little better each day.

The Service was beautiful and the talk given by the Husband was VERY inspired! There were a ton of non members there! He was comforting everyone at a time of great sadness. He talked about the gospel and how that is the reason why he is able to have so much strength and he said that he wasn't talking but that his wife and daughter were talking through him. One thing I love that he said was, "My Wife and Daughter are NOT in some mysterious, unknown limbo! I know that they are in a place of happiness! and that I WILL see them again!"

Man that was good!!!

I do have to say that it was pretty mind boggling because I had met the Mom before and to suddenly see her casket put me at a mental pause. But after hearing the talks that were given it was impossible to sink deeper because the Spirit was so strong testifying of Gods Plan. Boy am I glad to have the knowledge of the gospel!

I was just looking at all the people there and wondering why they weren't running and asking to be taught!!! I know that that's what I would have done! but I know that this has prompted thought in quite a few minds and that many seeds were planted.

President Packard told me in interviews that I would be transferred this next one because of how long I have been in Amherst but he always says, "But we will do what the Lord thinks when we get there." :) He is so fun :)

We are going to be making Zone Meeting really fun! and we might be doing a really fun skit as leaders....haha! Hopefully we will get a video ^^ I'm so excited!!!

Well I have to get going ;( we are going to look for some wigs...hehe!

Love you a million things happening all at once!

Love you!

Sister Patterson!

There is a Zion Report that our Mission President wrote for this month that I will send you next week! It is sooooo goood! alright, until next time :)

Love you!!!!!!!!

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