Monday, June 17, 2013

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!!

Here are some pictures of the shoes that I will be taking. 
I think I will have my Mom send me the Winter Boots later on when it gets cold so I can save space and have less weight in my bag for the plain flight.

These shoes can be a little expensive but they will be worth it! these are super comfy which is very important and they will probably last you through your whole entire Mission! :)
Because they can be a bit expensive, try to find them at an outlet store/mall where the prices are lower plus look for the sales and Clearance! You can also sometimes find comfort shoes at thrift stores if you're lucky. I went to these places in the Lehi outlet mall:

G.H. Bass ShoesClarks/Bostonian Outlet  

"Bass" Black/Plaid Winter Boots
G.H.Bass&Co. Winter Clearance Sale: $12  
"Clark" Black Boots
Clarks. BOSTONIAN after Winter Sale: $48

Clarks "un structured" Black Shoes
Clarks. BOSTONIAN 50%off: $56
Clark's "un structured" Dark Brown Shoes
Clarks. BOSTONIAN buy 2 get 20%offwas $69 got both for $118
Clark's "un structured"  Light Brown Sneakers 
Clarks. BOSTONIAN Buy 2 get 20%off: was $69 got both for $118
old "Nike Air" Tennis shoes
I can't remember how much they were 
"OKABASHI" Flip-Flops
Walmart: $12 

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